Plastic Boxes and Moving Supplies Are among Variety of Ways to Make Your Mississauga Move Greener

Commercial and residential moves in Mississauga and communities throughout Ontario aren’t always known for their eco-friendliness, but there are many small steps you can take to green your next relocation. From using plastic boxes and moving supplies, to reusing or donating your unwanted items, you can certainly end your moving day knowing that you didn’t harm the environment.

5 Tried-and-True Ways to Green Your Move

  1. Clean your old and new homes with eco-friendly products.Why buy cleaning supplies that are only going to be toxic to you, your loved ones and even your pets? Many stores sell cleaners and detergents that are harmless but effective. You can also make your own cleaning supplies from household staples like vinegar, tap water and baking soda. Check out the internet for great cleaning “recipes”! Your old place will be spotless, and your new one will be move-in ready.
  2. Don’t throw away all the things you don’t want. It’s tempting to simply toss unwanted items like clothing and furniture into the dumpster on or before moving day, but ask yourself if those things might be useful to someone else. Even old blankets that seem worthless to you could be very meaningful to a homeless shelter that requires comfortable, clean bed coverings for residents.
  3. Recycle garbage if possible. If you can recycle something, make sure you do it. This goes for all the plastics you might toss in the trash without thinking. If an item can be turned into something else, why not take advantage of that fact?
  4. Rent plastic boxes and moving supplies. Forget about cardboard and come into the 21st century! Rent reusable plastic boxes and moving supplies from a company like Blue Bins. You’ll be helping the planet while getting the benefit of a much safer, more efficient move.
  5. Make as few trips between your destinations as possible. Thinking about going cheap and renting a smaller moving van? Not so fast! All those trips back and forth are wreaking havoc on the atmosphere! Plus, you may discover the cost of gas doesn’t add up in your favor. It’s better to work with a professional mover who can assist you in deciding what size van makes sense for your items. That way, you’ll only need to make one trip instead of several.

These are only five of the many methods that we and others have used to make their moving days more eco-conscious. If you have some moving tips you’d like to share with us, we’d be happy to hear from you and pass them along! The more we work together, the greener our communities will be!

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