Plastic Moving Box Stats: Real Estate Marketing Trends in Ontario

The Canadian housing market has had its ups and downs, but the Ontario market is looking especially good right now.  Therefore, we have dedicated this Blue Bins “Plastic Moving Box Stats” article to a few of the exciting facts that are coming out of the real estate figures for the province that’s home to so many awesome cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga.

Fact #1:  First-Time Buyers are Spending More Money

According to recent reports, individuals and families purchasing homes for the first time are opening their pocketbooks in a wide way.  Not only are they willing to spend more, but they’re willing to spend a lot more.  This is especially good news for realtors and sellers.

Fact #2:  No Crashing is in Sight

While locations around North America are continuing to suffer from lower-than-expected real estate movement, Ontario is proving to be pretty crash-proof.  In fact, the Toronto predictions are for an incredibly strong rest of the year.

Fact #3:  Condos are Hot Commodities

In the capital city of Toronto, condominiums are selling and renting at particularly impressive rates.  In fact, some landlords and sellers are getting up to $500 per square foot in rental rates, a remarkable amount.

Fact #4:  Home Values Have Increased in the Past Year

Some statistics say that homes across Ontario have increased in value by an average of 22+ percentage points over the past year.  This is amazing news that should be joyous to any homeowner who is planning to sell sooner rather than later.

These trends point to a likelihood that there will be thousands of relocations across Canada in the next several months.  Blue Bins encourages all households that are moving to choose cost-effective, green options like plastic moving boxes to make all those geographic transitions simpler and more efficient.

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