Practical Ways to Get Moving Boxes to Your Skyward Mississauga Condo

You’ve been looking for a long time for the perfect Mississauga condo, and you finally found it.  Not only is it in a terrific location, but it has almost all the amenities you’ve wanted.  It’s also priced right.  What could be better?  There’s only one problem: You’re a bit concerned about the move.  Specifically, you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to get your moving boxes upstairs without your friends and family – who have agreed to help you out – throwing a fit.

First, it’s time to relax.  Yes, moving is stressful, but you’re very fortunate because so many other people have made mistakes… so you can learn from their lessons!  Any time you purchase or rent a condo that’s on a second, third, fourth, etc., storey, you’re bound to come to the realization sooner or later that getting moving boxes to your home is going to be challenging.  Below are some of our practical, reliable and doable ways to make it easier on you and your moving buddies.

  • See if the building has a “hidden” elevator.  Even if your condo building doesn’t seem to have an elevator, it may actually be hidden in the back part of the building.  This is the case with many apartment and condo buildings.  A service elevator isn’t for everyday use by residents.  It’s there to be used by maintenance workers.  You may also be able to use it if you ask ahead of time.
  • Get moving boxes that stack together neatly.  No elevator?  Limited elevator access?  No problem.  What you need are moving boxes that stack together neatly and fit on a special dollie.  Dollies are useful tools to transport more than one box at a time efficiently.  At Blue Bins, our dollies are made to work perfectly with our plastic moving boxes.  Just stack the right amount of boxes on top of your rented dollie, harness the moving boxes in place, and carefully utilize the leverage provided by the wheeled dollie.  The first time you use your dollie, you can expect to experience a learning curve.  That’s fine!  It takes a few tries to get the hang of it!
  • Pack your moving boxes lightly.  Know that you’re going to end up carrying at least a portion of your moving boxes upstairs, one by one?  Pack them lightly.  Many, many moving individuals make the mistake of packing moving boxes, and then just picking them up.  “Hey, I can pick this up, no problem,” they think.  While it’s true that they can pick up their moving boxes a few inches off the floor, they aren’t taking into consideration that they’ll have to pick up the packed box, walk several meters, climb one or more flights of stairs and get to the condo.  That can be downright grueling!  Instead of making things tough on you and the people helping you out on Move Day, pack with their backs in mind.  They’ll be thanking you by the end of the day, rather than asking for tons of ibuprofen!

Never let a few hiccups get in the way of you being able to move to the Mississauga condo or apartment of your dreams.  Where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way… that saying goes for getting moving boxes into a skyward home, too!