Prepare for Your Big Montreal Office Move by Renting Boxes for Moving

Have you prepared for your big Montreal office move? Whether it’s next month or next season, it’s never too early to start planning. In fact, the most successful commercial moves rely on an element of project management. And it starts with renting boxes for moving.

Why Rent Plastic Boxes for Your Corporate Move?

It can be very tempting for organizations to want to buy – or scavenge – cardboard boxes for their corporate moves. The thinking behind this activity is that it will save the company money. However, what actually happens is that it costs time and wastes energy. After all, there are several problems with cardboard boxes:

  • They are not very strong, and the bigger the box, the lighter the items you can pack in it. Plus, cardboard that gets wet loses its heft… fast. If you’re moving on a rainy day, this can cause a huge issue!
  • You have to purchase meters and meters of tape to secure the box.
  • If you borrow cardboard boxes, they’re likely to be all different sizes and weights, which causes problems when moving day comes and they have to be transported and stacked.
  • You have to figure out what to do with the cardboard boxes when you’re finished with them.

Clearly, there has to be a better way: Plastic boxes for moving. Not only are they uniformly shaped, but they’re sturdy. Oh, and they won’t break down when hit by raindrops. Even a coffee spill is easily cleaned up. Cardboard simply cannot protect items similarly!

How to Rent Your Plastic Boxes

Blue Bins, the Toronto based company that serves all of Ontario, including Montreal and Ottawa, offers two easy ways to rent plastic boxes for any business moves. The first way is to order online through a secured server. This means that boxes can be reserved well in advance, and done when it’s convenient for the renter, such as after regular office hours, or during the weekends. The other method of renting plastic boxes and other moving supplies is to call the Blue Bins customer service representatives. This is preferred, especially for corporations unsure about how many boxes they will need for their relocation purposes.

Never let a move sideline your business productivity! Prepare in advance, and get ready for a fantastic move day that’s filled with efficiency.

Ready to rent your plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies, such as dollies, from Blue Bins? Call us today or go to our website to securely place your order online.