Rent Boxes for Moving to Make Ottawa Holiday Moves Simpler

The holidays are a busy-enough time of year, but what happens when you add relocation into the mix? For some individuals and families, a move in November or December is simply not a choice. In many cases, familial obligations may necessitate moving to or from Ottawa. In other cases, a new job could encourage a move to Toronto, Montreal or other parts of the nation. To make life simpler during an already-stressful time of year, we suggest that renting boxes for moving can help reduce any anxiety.

How Renting Plastic Moving Boxes Lessens Holiday Moving Worries

What do most people do when they know they’ll be moving soon? Get boxes, of course! Unfortunately, this has traditionally meant hunting down cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes wherever they could find them. Though it may sound like an easy-enough thing to do, especially at the holiday season, it’s still fraught with challenges.

First, the boxes aren’t necessarily going to be able to hold what you need them to hold. Remember that boxes could have been damaged during regular wear-and-tear. Besides – who hasn’t had the awful experience of packing a cardboard box only to have the bottom suddenly fall out?

Next, cardboard is the perfect snack for insects with the munchies. Dust bites adore cardboard, not to mention other pests – including bed bugs and some forms of cockroaches – that regularly hitch rides in cardboard boxes. (Some bugs in North America, such as the stink bug, were once found only overseas. Those industrious bugs traveled to North America on pallets and in boxes. Once they were here, they found no natural enemies and began to breed.)

Finally, you’ll have to dispose of all those cardboard boxes after you move. No one has time for that! You’ll be too busy trying to get a new house in order while being able to celebrate Hanukah, Christmas and New Year’s. Breaking down cardboard is time-consuming, and can even cause rashes in some people who have topical allergies to cardboard dust. (Respiratory allergies are also found in certain individuals with existing conductions such as asthma.)

The answer is clear: Plastic moving boxes that you can rent.

Blue Bins regularly rents moving boxes made of durable, recyclable plastic that don’t attract critters but do live up to their spotless reputation! They can even be delivered right to your door, so all you have to do is pack. After you’re done packing, you – or a professional moving company – can take them to your new home. Once there, simply unpack and give the company a call to pick up the boxes. It’s efficiency in action!

Enjoy the Holidays – Don’t Despair because of a Move!

The holidays are one of the few times of the year when it’s completely expected for you to kick back and relax… even if you’re relocating your house. Anything you can do to make this process a little easier is definitely it.

Blue Bins is your holiday lifesaver! Rent boxes for moving today online, or call their customer service center right away.