Reusable Moving Boxes Toronto

If you haven’t moved in a long time, you may not have thought much about reusable moving boxes. You may have moved using cardboard boxes, or maybe you ordered some through your moving company. While those options might have worked for you in the past, reusable moving bins bring a number of advantages that you might not have thought about before! Here at Blue Bins, we believe that moving is easier, greener, and cleaner with reusable moving bins.

Reusable Moving Boxes Toronto

Benefits of Using Reusable Moving Boxes

Our boxes make things easier for you while you are moving. We know that you have enough things on your plate when you are planning a move, so instead of searching for cardboard boxes of different sizes, or spending a lot of money on cardboard boxes that you have to dispose of on your own after the move, reusable moving boxes are a great hassle-free alternative. We’ll drop off your boxes before your move, and pick them up from your new place once you’re done unpacking! Our boxes are also all the same size, so they stack easily for you or a professional moving company. We have a variety of packing materials you can rent, so you can easily get all moving supplies you need from one place.

Your belongings are also safer in our plastic bins than in cardboard. While we would like to believe that every moving day will be sunny and dry, moving in the rain or in the winter can be the reality. If you set a cardboard box down in snow, chances are the bottom of the box can fall out, dumping your belongings on the ground. Cardboard boxes can also harbour bugs, which is not something that you want to bring into your new home. Blue Bins’ reusable moving boxes are plastic, which is easy to clean, and will keep all of your belongings dry and safe.

If keeping the environment safe is important to you, then you will understand why reusable moving bins are so important. While cardboard is recyclable, only about ¼ of Canada’s paper and cardboard is recycled each year, and recycling still takes energy. Instead of recycling, we can stop from using the boxes in the first place. Our plastic moving boxes are durable and have a long life to begin with. We even use plastic welding to repair them if they break. Cardboard definitely can’t hold up that well!

If you have questions about our reusable moving bins, or would like to reserve some boxes for your upcoming move, please contact us at 1-888-502-2467.