Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. Helping Residential Clients Save on Moving Expenses with Environmentally-Friendly Moving Bins

Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. Helping Residential Clients Save on Moving Expenses with Environmentally-Friendly Bins

Mississauga-based Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. is now offering homeowners the opportunity to realize great savings on their next property relocation. The company’s reusable, recyclable plastic moving bins are constructed from premium quality materials and can be at cost-effective prices from local area Blue Bins locations in Ontario and Montreal, Quebec.

Each year, thousands of Canadians move from one home to another. In the process, they will encounter numerous frustrations. But one of the most common problems they experience is finding, putting together and then disposing of moving boxes in an environmentally-friendly manner simply takes too long. By working with the experts at Blue Bins Unlimited Corp., and sourcing their moving bins from the company’s catalogue or online rental store, movers will not only save a tremendous amount of capital but also reduce the time their moves take by as much as 12 hours. It’s a convenient, environmentally-friendly moving service that has been long sought-after by proactive Canadians.

Blue Bins’ signature products are created from recycled materials. And the company’s team works tirelessly to ensure that each element of their business processes conform to an environmentally-friendly approach. For example, they repair recycled boxes using a plastic welding technique that ensures structural integrity without wasting resources. Those boxes that are beyond repair are shipped back to the manufacturer and then shredded to make new boxes. It’s the ecologically-focused approach to house moving required by Canadians across the country. Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. now offers access to their leading class products across convenient locations in Montreal, Toronto and Mississauga.

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