Moving Supplies in Toronto

Canadian businesses, families and individuals can use Blue Bins’ eco-friendly moving boxes & moving supplies.

Make Your Next Move a Breeze with Blue Bins!

The Blue Bins philosophy of providing eco-friendly moving supplies and boxes to consumers and commercial entities throughout Canada means less stress for you.

Our wide varieties of residential and commercial plastic moving boxes are ideally suited for every need. (Plus, we have 60,000 in stock!) Best of all, they can be rented or purchased online, or at various locations in Ontario and Quebec. (No wonder we’re Canada’s largest supplier of reusable rental plastic boxes, bins and moving supplies!)

Our line of services is extensive and includes:

  • Rentals of plastic moving boxes (dimensions 24”L x 20”x 12”H) for individuals and companies.
  • Repairs of recyclable moving bins for customers with their own inventory of containers.  (We’re so determined to remain eco-friendly that we even work with our competitors!)
  • Competitive pricing on all our residential and commercial packing boxes.
  • Convenient delivery and pick-up, including during weekends and after hours.

Our environmentally friendly Blue Bins plastic moving boxes will:

  • Keep your contents dry, safe and protected.
  • Stack for long-term (or short-term) storage.
  • Resist denting and crushing.
  • Nest and stack easily.
  • Save trees by eliminating corrugated waste!

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DID YOU KNOW? Blue Bins is the ONLY earth friendly moving supplies provider that offers “plastic welding” (aka, fusing of plastic that has been damaged). We extend the life of our products, and that means more savings for you… as well as better stewardship of our natural resources.