Blue Bins: A Realtor’s “Secret Weapon”

Blue Bins works with realtors who want to supply customers with reusable moving boxes and earth friendly moving solutions.

Blue Bins is a Realtor’s Best Friend

Are you looking for a gift-of-gratitude that will make clients really excited?  Give your home and commercial buyers a rental gift certificate for Blue Bins!

Blue Bins has been supplying Canada with eco-friendly moving boxes and supplies since 1993.  We cater to anyone who has ever been frustrated by the traditional method of hunting for the right-sized boxes for their move, only to spend hours breaking those boxes down.

Blue Bins products are cost-effective and recycled; your clients can spend much more time relaxing in their new locations!  You’ll be their realtor of choice when it comes to referrals.

Blue Bins gift certificates:

  • Show your clients that you want to make their relocations as stress-free as possible.
  • Tell your clients that you care about environmental stewardship.
  • Will set you apart from your competitors.

Choose our reusable, recyclable plastic moving boxes, and reap the rewards! 

Bedroom Bins/Dollies 1 Week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
1 30 bins 1 plastic dollie $205.00 $250.00 $295.00 $340.00
2 40 bins 1 plastic dollie $220.00 $280.00 $340.00 $400.00
3 50 bins 1 plastic dollie $235.00 $310.00 $385.00 $460.00
4 70 bins 1 plastic dollie $265.00 $370.00 $475.00 $580.00
5 100 bins 1 plastic dollie $310.00 $460.00 $610.00 $760.00

Got any questions?  Contact the Blue Bins team today!