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Preparing for moving day is a big undertaking and requires the right planning and supplies.Blue Bins eco-friendly moving boxes are sturdy, reliable, frustration-free packing items that allow you to safely prepare for any relocation.

Order Your Blue Bins Moving Boxes

The first step is to order the number of Blue Bins moving boxes and peripheral supplies you need. We’ve made it simple to do this through our website, by calling our knowledgeable representatives, or by stopping by one of our many locations.

Not sure how many Blue Bins moving boxes you’ll need?We can provide you with a guide based on our years of experience helping residential and commercial customers.

Obtain Your Blue Bins Supplies

Our Blue Bins locations are open at convenient hours to serve you.Drop by after reserving the moving boxes you need, and simply pick them up.All Blue Bins items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each use, so you know that you’re getting ready-to-use boxes… every time!

No time to pick up your Blue Bins from our storefronts?Have them delivered right to your door!For a nominal fee, we will make sure your Blue Bins arrive in time so you can begin packing.

Organize Your Blue Bins Moving Boxes

As you start to pack your Blue Bins, we recommend taking several steps to make organization easier:

  • Start by packing items you know you won’t need until after you move.Then, use our convenient labels to indicate what’s in each box, and where the box should go at your new home or office.
  • Always pack heavier items at the bottom, and lighter items on top.If the lighter items are fragile, be sure to appropriately protect them before putting them in the Blue Bins.
  • Blue Bins are stackable and meant to neatly store on top of one another.Take advantage of this space-saving trick to keep filled boxes out of the way while you are still packing.
  • To move stacks of Blue Bins from one location to another, use the Blue Bins dolly (available for rental when you place your order for your moving boxes.)

By keeping all your packed goods organized, you can be assured of a much-better moving day outcome, and much easier unpacking!

Get ready to move with Blue Bins! Call us today to arrange for your Blue Bins moving boxes now!