Something Spilled During the Move? Here Are Tips to Keep things Clean when Renting Moving Boxes in Toronto

Sometimes the best laid plans just… fall apart. As much as you want to stay clean when doing DIY projects, life has a way of making sure you get stained to commemorate the project. Similarly, during the packing and moving process, it can involve some messy projects that end up a little messier than you planned. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you get the stains out of your clothes or upholstery!

Red Wine

The only thing worse than spilling your red wine is having it spilled on your clothes. If you packed your wine bottles wrapped in table cloths or clothing and they broke or spilled, don’t panic! It’s often fixable. In all cases, you want to carefully blot the red wine out of the fabric. Next, you can try either pouring boiling water over the stain, or cover the entire stain with salt. The boiling water should help wash everything out, while the salt should absorb the wine. If the fabric is white, you can also try bleaching the fabric after either of these steps.

Latex Paint

Did you get paint on your clothes while putting on a fresh coat of paint? Latex paint may look permanent, but you can get it off. Once you’ve wet the fabric with hot water, use rubbing alcohol to help remove the stain. You can use an old toothbrush or a laundry brush to help loosen up the stain. Then toss it in the laundry to get washed.

Wood Varnish

Refinishing old furniture, or tackling a DIY project that involves woodworking can be a great way to upcycle materials, making more than just renting moving boxes in Toronto an environmentally friendly project. If you get varnish on your clothes, start by blotting any wet varnish off the clothing, then use a citrus-based cleaner to remove the stains, and finally rinse with water.

Tape or Glue

If you got packing tape or duct tape stuck to your shirt or jeans, you might be left with a sticky spot. Before you toss it in the laundry, use some vinegar or lemon juice to lift the stain. The good news is that Blue Bins Toronto moving boxes don’t require tape to stay shut, so hopefully you can avoid this issue!

Permanent Marker

Contrary to its name, permanent marker doesn’t have to be permanent. These markers can be a great help in labelling boxes, but if they end up on your clothes, they don’t have to stay there. Get the stain damp and then spray it with hairspray. After, just blot it with paper towel and repeat.

Moving can be messy, but with these tips you can get your clothes back to looking normal without stains! Looking for moving boxes in Toronto to help keep things clean and organized for you as you move across Toronto? Order your moving boxes online now or call us today!