Spring in Toronto Is a Great Time to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes!

The flowers are blooming, the air smells great and… wait, is that a fresh breeze of warm air?  Yes, it’s springtime in Toronto and it’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of this beautiful season!  It’s also the ideal time to rent plastic moving boxes.  Not only are they terrific for actual relocations, but they can be a huge help when you’re undergoing your spring cleaning.

Although many people dive right into cleaning their homes, they don’t necessarily think about where they’ll put all the items they have to store while they’re making their households spic-and-span.  For instance, if you’ve ever tried to clean out a messy closet, you know that it’s hardly ideal to toss the items onto a bed!  You’re left with an empty closet that’s ready to clean, and a bed that looks like a war zone.  (Sure, the kids and cats might find it an amusing playland, but it’s hardly enjoyable for the mom or dad who’s doing the scrubbing and organizing!)

In this type of case, plastic moving boxes can come in very handy.  Not only can you put all those items from your closet into the bins, but you can assign certain bins to certain tasks (e.g., “to put back in the closet”, “to store for the summer”, “to give away”, “to sell on Craigslist or Kajiji”).  Rather than dumping everything from one place to another, you’ll be saving steps along the way.

Best of all, plastic moving boxes, such as those from Toronto based Blue Bins, can be cleaned before and after use.  Unlike cardboard boxes, you can actually use regular cleaners on them.  This means your items won’t get dusty or dirty like they otherwise might.  Additionally, you can even write on the bins using a special washable marker so the crates are clearly marked.  When you’re finished with your plastic moving boxes, you can simply drop them off at a Blue Bins location or have them picked up.

It’s a convenient, eco-friendly way to celebrate spring and freshen up your home!  You won’t be left having to recycle or throw away any boxes, either; they’ll simply be rented again by another family seeking innovative solutions to springtime abode projects.

To learn more about Blue Bins or to rent your plastic moving boxes online, visit their website today!


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