Staging a House? Plastic Moving Bins are the Perfect Storage Options

Realtors know the value of staging a house to encourage buyers.  The key, though, is to make sure the house looks livable, but not cluttered.  Unfortunately, for most families, clutter comes with the territory!  This means that when a real estate agent decides to stage a home, plenty of items need to be stored until the property is sold.  Hence, plastic moving boxes are the ideal solution.

Plastic bins can be rented by families or realtors for this specific reason, but they really serve a dual purpose.  Once the house or apartment has been purchased by a new owner, the already-packed contents can simply be moved in the plastic bins from the old residence to the new one.  No fuss, no muss and no moving tape needed!

To take advantage of plastic moving boxes as staging “assistants”, homeowners or real estate professionals should follow a formula similar to this one:

  1. Determine how long the plastic bins will likely be needed (this can be changed if the home sells faster or slower than anticipated), and then rent them online at BlueBins.
  2. Figure out where the plastic bins will be stored, such as in the basement or garage area, or in an offsite storage unit.
  3. When the plastic bins are delivered, or you pick them up at the offices in Toronto or Montreal, fill them with items that are absolutely not going to be needed for several weeks.  For instance, if you’re moving in January, you can easily pack up all end-of-year seasonal décor.
  4. As the plastic bins are filled, they can be moved to the storage site for safekeeping.  This frees up the house, and keeps it uncluttered.  Meanwhile, the contents are safe and secure.
  5. After the house sells, the remaining items in the house can be placed in new plastic moving boxes, and all the plastic bins can be moved to the new home.

It’s really one of the easiest and most efficient ways to stage a home, and it saves time and money in the process.