Staging for a Wow-Worthy Toronto Holiday Party Using Boxes and Moving Supplies

Are you planning to host a holiday party in your Toronto home?  Why not make this year the most wow-worthy experience your guests have ever seen?  It isn’t hard to showcase your home or apartment beautifully for a memorable holiday celebration, especially when you take some of the staging techniques used by realtors.  They know that having items on hand like plastic boxes and moving supplies are essential for ensuring visitors go gaga for what they experience!

What Is Staging?

First, it’s important to talk about staging, especially if you aren’t familiar with the concept.  Staging is essentially “costuming” a room or a home by adding or removing décor to create a certain ambiance.  Watch any home improvement, house flipping or home selling show on television or the Internet, and you’re bound to hear the word “staging” more than a few times!

Staging helps people see a room in a new light.  For example, when a real estate professional is trying to make a house more marketable, he or she may stage it with furniture in a certain style, such as modern, Scandinavian contemporary, vintage, classic, eclectic, etc.  Thus, when potential buyers walk through the door, they get an immediate feeling about the home; if this feeling is appealing to them, they might bid on the property.

How Holiday Party-Throwers Can Wow Party-Goers!

As a party-thrower, you might not realize it, but you can harness the essence of staging so that your guests feel more comfortable and have a better experience.  Below are some of the ways that staging can be utilized as you set up your home for an open house or private party during the holidays:

  • Rent plastic moving supplies, such as boxes, from Blue Bins. Think that Blue Bins only is helpful if you’re moving?  Think again!  Blue Bins has the products you need to be able to declutter your space quickly, efficiently and cleanly.  Rent the bins or boxes for a week, and then either take them back to Blue Bins, or have Blue Bins pick them up.
  • Take all unnecessary furniture out of your main rooms. The bigger the space you have for people to mingle, the better it’s going to look.  Remember that rooms with tons of furniture look and feel crowded; this can make some party-goers uncomfortable.
  • Think about the way your spaces smell as well as look. Obviously, you’re going to want to do a thorough cleaning before the party, but why have your home smelling like bleach or vinegar?  Get scented candles for a warm aroma that will waft throughout the house.  Smell and memory are closely related, so when your visitors smell the same scent in the future, they’ll instantly remember the fun they had at your home!
  • Consider changing the items on your walls, such as hangings and pictures. This will give your spaces a sense of newness.  You can even choose to replace your typical photos or images with holiday-themed items.  It’s a fun way to make all the living spaces in your house seem much different, especially to people who are accustomed to coming to your home.
  • Change out your window treatments. If you have window treatments, or can purchase new ones inexpensively, this can be a fun way to completely redo the look of your rooms.  You don’t have to spend a fortune; even adding window swags can make the windows seem crisper and clearer.

Have fun – that’s the bottom line – when you’re staging for your party.  If you do it right, you can be sure that pictures from your event will wind up on social media as guests relive their amazing time!

Ready to plan a wow-worthy celebration in honor of the holidays?  Blue Bins is ready to help with moving supplies and plastic boxes!  Call 888-502-2467 for our exceptional customer service!

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