Sustainability’s Social Importance Is Catalyst in Reusable Moving Boxes Interest

Sustainability’s Social Importance Is Catalyst in Reusable Moving Boxes Interest

The issue of sustainability is of growing concern to consumers, especially those living in first-world countries.  In Canada, we have seen consistent moves toward more sustainable models of building, working, and, most pertinent to our industry, packaging.  After all, landfill space is ultimately finite.  This is one reason we’re seeing so much interest in our Ontario-based Blue Bins as 100 percent reusable moving boxes.

We’re not the only ones concentrating on sustainability.  A July 2013 article in Packaging Digest, a question-and-answer session with Jim Hanna, Starbucks’ director of environmental impact (a title that would rarely have existed only a generation ago), emphasizes how the world has opened its collective eyes and minds to progressive and environmentally-friendly ways of living.  His company, known for being a leader in the coffee-as-social-experience marketplace (as well as a name synonymous with innovativeness), is now targeting its packaging’s life cycle from raw materials to consumption.  This type of holistic approach is working for Starbucks, and it works for us at Blue Bins, too.

We’ve been working to supply reusable moving boxes to our Canadian neighbors for more than 20 years, and we’re beginning to see a stronger interest from a wide variety of demographics: younger and older individuals; smaller and bigger moving projects; and businesses of all sizes.

By offering an alternative to moving boxes that aren’t recyclable (or are unlikely to be recycled, even if they are made from recyclable materials), we feel we’re doing our part in keeping the earth a cleaner place.  Plus, our eco-friendly moving supplies allow Toronto residents and companies to move more efficiently and effectively by eliminating the need for the teardown of boxes.  It’s part of the global undertaking toward sustainability, and we’re honored to be at the forefront.

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