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Tiny Toronto Houses Call for Efficient Supplies, Boxes for Moving

The tiny house craze has hit the world, as anyone who loves home and garden television shows knows.  All it takes is a simple Google request for “tiny houses”, and you can find homes of all shapes and sizes from every part of the globe.  While your own Toronto-based tiny house might not look like a hobbit dwelling, or be an actual treehouse (yes, these both exist), a smaller footprint demands some unique moving solutions.  After all, your boxes and other moving supplies have to be able to fit through modest-sized doorways and dwellings with nontraditional floorplans. Continue reading

Ways for Toronto Companies to Save Money on Boxes and Moving Supplies

Whether your company is moving across Toronto, or you’re simply renovating most or all of your office spaces, you’re going to need boxes and moving supplies. However, that doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself crazy every time you look at your financials! There are many ways to save money on items that you’ll need for your move or renovation project; you just have to plan for success. Continue reading

After the Boxes and Moving Supplies are Unpacked, Try These Great Toronto Eateries!

It’s finally here. Moving day. You’re sitting in your Toronto area home, and you’re loving everything. The relocation went as smoothly as possible, thanks to the boxes and moving supplies you rented and that are now neatly stacked in a corner waiting for pick-up. There’s only one problem – you don’t feel like cooking. Yes, your new kitchen is gorgeous, but it’s definitely a night to eat out! Continue reading

How Smart Students Avoid the Hassles of Leftover Boxes and Moving Supplies When Going Back to Toronto Universities

The students are returning to Toronto universities and they all have one thing in common: They’re bringing lots of stuff with them! From clothing to books to electronic devices, they’re preparing for another semester of learning and enjoyment. So what’s the one thing they don’t want to deal with? How about what to do with all those leftover cardboard boxes and moving supplies? The good news is that many of them are making some wise choices to reduce their hassles and start off university in a great way: Continue reading