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How to Pack Efficiently for a Last-Minute Move with Moving Box Rental

Moving can be a daunting task, and when it’s a last-minute move, the challenges are amplified. You find yourself juggling time constraints, quick decision-making, and the overwhelming task of packing your life into boxes. In these cases, planning and organization become crucial for maximizing efficiency. Fortunately, moving box rental services like Blue Bins offer convenient solutions for moving on short notice.

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What NOT to Pack in a Moving Box during Your Next Toronto Move

You can find plenty of articles around the Internet giving you tips on what you should pack away in moving boxes. You’ll also find tons of advice on how to pack a moving box for the best results. But it’s just important to make sure that you know what NOT to pack when you’re relocating to or from Toronto.

Below are some of the items that don’t really belong in moving boxes and would be better taken to your new home in some other fashion:

  • Anything that’s alive. From turtles to herbs, these living things just don’t warrant storage in a moving box.
  • Your very fragile valuables. It’s fine to pack your china plates and glassware in a Blue Bins moving box, but what about that incredibly fragile vase that belonged to some ancient relative and was given to you with the understanding that you’d protect it forever? Such a treasure belongs in your care from the move’s start to finish.
  • Anything that’s toxic. Please don’t load up your moving box with toxic items. Even if you have a plastic moving box, the items can spill and get into other boxes. And if you have a cardboard moving box, the box will become soaked with the liquid.
  • Medication you will need.Whether it’s over-the-counter remedies or prescription medications, you should always make sure to put them in a bag that’s close by. That way, if and when you need to take your medicine, it will be available.
  • Food items (maybe). Okay, the exception is if you have one box that’s well-labeled and will be immediately opened upon arriving at your house, apartment or condo. However, unless you’re packing away food that will store for a while, don’t pack it in a moving box. Choose a cooler or some other means of carrying.
  • Anything you really will never use. Let’s face it – we all have done this and it’s a shame. Why move something you are never going to use in the future? Instead, either sell it, donate it or trash it.

Be smart every time you move, and use your moving boxes wisely!

At Blue Bins, we can’t wait to help you with your next move! Whether you’re coming to Toronto or moving to Ottawa, we’re here for you. We’re sure you’ll love our moving box supplies!

Parents: Renovating Your University Student’s Room? Pick the Best Moving Box in Toronto, Mississauga for the Job!

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Hints from Moving Box Specialists for First-Time Movers to Toronto

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Plastic Moving Box Stats: Real Estate Marketing Trends in Ontario

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Office Renovations Require Unique Moving Box Storage Arrangements

Unique moving box storage arrangements are a necessity during workplace renovations.

If you have ever experienced an office renovation, you know that the organization, protection and storage of any pertinent items must be managed before any work occurs.  Certainly, this stands to reason when it comes to office furniture, although some desks, cabinets and tables may actually be able to be in the rooms during a renovation (depending upon the scope of the work to be undertaken.)  But what about all those important papers and files that aren’t stored on a computer and are therefore “loose”?  That’s where pre-planning to avoid disaster is critical. Continue reading