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Toronto Empty Nesters Who Crave Simplicity of Downsizing Choose Convenient Moving Containers

The millions of Baby Boomers are now beginning to enter a fascinating era of their lives, often called “empty nest” years.  No longer playing host to their children, who are grown and perhaps developing families of their own, many Empty Nesters are yearning for simplicity, and therefore turn to downsizing.  As they recognize that they no longer need spacious Toronto homes with four or more bedrooms, they naturally turn their sights to residences that offer simpler floorplans and more modest square footage, not to mention far fewer maintenance responsibilities.  To help make their moves to their new, smaller homes as convenient as possible, they are also choosing to rent plastic moving containers rather than purchasing boxes made of questionable and/or unreliable materials. Continue reading

Good News for Wet Spring Moves: Montreal Rains Won’t Soak through Plastic Moving Containers

The rains are coming to Montreal in short order! As the snow begins to fade into the memory of yet another winter in the northern hemisphere, the skies will inevitably open up. While all that precipitation is fantastic for the environment, not to mention our lawns, gardens and flower beds, it can wreak havoc on a move. Having plastic moving containers on hand can be lifesavers. Continue reading

Organizing Your Home Office Using Moving Containers in Montreal

Having a home office isn’t just a luxury any longer; for many people, it’s a necessity and may even be required as a part of their job responsibilities.  A home office was once only needed for those who actually operated businesses out of their residences.  Now, employees of small companies and Fortune 500 corporations often have an area of their house that serves as an office when they can’t be at their workspace.  Unfortunately, home offices aren’t always kept in the neatest condition.  That’s when it pays to use moving containers for Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto to organize home office areas.
Continue reading