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Get Eco-Friendlier Cleaning and Moving Supplies for Your Montreal Home

Moving to Montreal?  It’s a great time to make some positive changes, such as focusing on how you can be a little eco-friendlier.  This doesn’t mean you have to radically alter the way you currently live.  It just means that you should be open to making environmentally conscientious choices, such as with the type of cleaning and moving supplies you use during your relocation. Continue reading

How to Organize and Pack Your Montreal Moving Supplies

When it comes time to pack up your home and move to another in Montreal, you may find that it’s a little tougher than just throwing items into your plastic moving supplies.  In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are tried-and-true ways of organizing and packing.  When you take a little time ahead to plan, you’ll be able to: Continue reading

Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Relocation to Montreal… and Ordering Moving Supplies

Although the summer months are typically the most popular times of the year for individuals and families to move from one city to another, autumn still has its benefits. In fact, if you’re thinking about ordering moving supplies and heading to one of Montreal’s beautiful neighborhoods, now is a great season! Continue reading

Make Way for Montreal Holiday Guests by Pre-Ordering Moving Supplies

Montreal families know that the holidays certainly mean one thing: Guests! That’s because this time of year is when people come together, whether they are family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues. Yet many homes aren’t automatically ready to accommodate an influx of visitors without some rearranging of furniture, moving of items and putting away of unnecessary things. In terms of the third option just mentioned, pre-ordering moving supplies in which to store those things can be a lifesaver. Continue reading

Moving Supplies in Montreal Needed for Dorm to Apartment Transitions

Are you one of the many Montreal area University students who will be making the move from dorm to apartment living this year? While this kind of a transition is definitely exciting, it also requires a little bit of planning. Namely, you have to consider the moving supplies in Montreal that you will require.

Continue reading