Looking Back and Moving Forward – 2014/2015 Trends in the Toronto Moving Supplies Industry

Just as in every other industry, the moving supplies field has its annual and seasonal trends. From our perspective here at Blue Bins, 2014 ended with a bang, especially for commercial installations. From October until December 2014, it seemed as though our phones rang constantly, and our online services were kept busy, by businesses that needed boxes and more for moving. Continue reading

Blue Bins Cautions That Safety Should Come First When Moving in the Winter Months

Cold weather may be on the way, but that doesn’t mean that people have stopped their plans to buy and sell homes throughout Toronto and the rest of the province. In fact, many people choose to move during the winter time, whether because of necessity or just better timing. However, getting ready for a move that’s going to occur when sleet, hail and ice are likely to be in the forecast takes special planning. That’s something Blue Bins, a leading Canadian supplier of rentable eco-friendly moving supplies, knows. Continue reading