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Plastic Moving Supplies Take the Stress Out of Mississauga Moves

Whether you’re moving into, out of, or around Mississauga this summer, you’ve probably realized that the process is nothing short of hectic! In fact, although homeowners enjoy the end result of moving to a new residence (whether a condo, town home or single family dwelling), they usually dread the hustle and bustle leading up to the main event. While it isn’t possible to completely avoid all the stressors related to making a move, there’s one type of item that can be easily rented: plastic moving supplies. Continue reading

Boxes, Moving Supplies and Snacks – Everything You Need to Make Your Relocation to Mississauga a Success!

Want to make 100 percent sure that your relocation to your new home in Mississauga is a success?  From boxes and moving supplies, to food and drinks, we have a checklist here that will help you organize your moving day. Continue reading

Looking Back and Moving Forward – 2014/2015 Trends in the Toronto Moving Supplies Industry

Just as in every other industry, the moving supplies field has its annual and seasonal trends. From our perspective here at Blue Bins, 2014 ended with a bang, especially for commercial installations. From October until December 2014, it seemed as though our phones rang constantly, and our online services were kept busy, by businesses that needed boxes and more for moving. Continue reading

Make Way for Montreal Holiday Guests by Pre-Ordering Moving Supplies

Montreal families know that the holidays certainly mean one thing: Guests! That’s because this time of year is when people come together, whether they are family members, friends, neighbors or colleagues. Yet many homes aren’t automatically ready to accommodate an influx of visitors without some rearranging of furniture, moving of items and putting away of unnecessary things. In terms of the third option just mentioned, pre-ordering moving supplies in which to store those things can be a lifesaver. Continue reading

Finding the Healthiest Moving Supplies in Mississauga

Everyone talks about how dirty it is to move a house or an office.  While there is always going to be some element of dirt that comes from the experience, there are definitely ways to make moving a lot safer for everyone.  First and foremost is finding and using the healthiest moving supplies available in Mississauga and the rest of the country. Continue reading

Blue Bins Offers Movers and Corporate Customers Autumn Special on Boxes, Moving Supplies in Toronto

For all the Toronto area corporations planning a move, as well as busy moving companies helping customers, Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. has just announced a special that will run from September 1 to December 31, 2014.  For the four months, the leading company offering boxes, moving supplies and more, will be slashing prices on a most-requested item, to make moving easier for businesses and movers. Continue reading

Moving Supplies in Montreal Needed for Dorm to Apartment Transitions

Are you one of the many Montreal area University students who will be making the move from dorm to apartment living this year? While this kind of a transition is definitely exciting, it also requires a little bit of planning. Namely, you have to consider the moving supplies in Montreal that you will require.

Continue reading