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Making a Toronto Move in the New Year? Resolve to Stay Organized!

Moving into a new Toronto house or apartment is a good opportunity to commit to being organized. Sometimes it’s easier to start over with everything than to focus on reorganizing your existing place. As you’re getting ready to pack all of your belongings into plastic moving boxes, take this time to make sure that you get things as organized as possible! Continue reading

Toronto Plastic Moving Boxes and Tips: How to Successfully Move Your Houseplants

When you’re moving a household to or from Toronto, you have a lot to think about: Where to get your plastic moving boxes, how to pack everything, and whether to use professional moving companies.  No wonder your houseplants are usually low on the “to think about” list!  But it’s important that you consider how to make the move easier on them. Continue reading

Why Licensees Love Renting Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

We have had the great fortune to see Blue Bins spread from our home base in Toronto to other parts of Canada. Our licensee tell us that they appreciate being able to buy and rent out our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, amongst many other reasons. We appreciate the feedback, and wanted to share their experience with our readers. Continue reading