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The Greening of Moving Day with Plastic Moving Boxes

Although Canada’s “Moving Day” is traditionally associated with Montreal, it still provides a good opportunity for a reminder that it’s possible to move without all the mess.  Unfortunately, Moving Day (which falls on Canada Day) has become a time when people who are moving from apartment to apartment leave their unwanted items on the street, much to the chagrin of those who are eco-conscious.  Although some of the unwanted goods are picked up by others, most of the stuff becomes a permanent part of Canada’s growing landfills. Continue reading

Good News for Ottawa Residents Ready to Rent Some Plastic Moving Boxes

People ready to relocate in and around Ottawa should be smiling because of the positive news coming straight from real estate gurus across Canada.  According to reports, Ottawa’s housing marketing is holding very steady, and prices are good for both sellers and buyers.  If you’re chomping at the bit to move to a new home, townhouse, condo or apartment, now is the time to start planning everything from the rental of your plastic moving boxes to the color of your dream living room! Continue reading

Toronto’s Condo Boom Necessitates Simple Plastic Moving Boxes Options

There’s been a condo boom in the Toronto real estate market, and you know what that means: Individuals and families are getting ready to make big moves this summer!  Whether they are first-time buyers (congrats!), renters, downsizers, up-sizers or anything in-between, they will find deals across the city and suburbs.  As the Toronto Star reported not long ago, Toronto is busting at the seams in terms of condo buying; in fact, the Ontario capital is beating out Chicago, San Francisco and yes, even Manhattan, in its upswing of residential housing units.  This is not only great economic news, but also a good reason for anyone planning to take advantage of this opportunity to begin booking their plastic moving boxes rentals. Continue reading

Real Estate Optimization Practices Dovetail with the Use of Plastic Moving Boxes

The practice of real estate optimization is an important consideration for many Ontario-based companies.  From Ottawa to Toronto, corporate leaders are investigating the best methods available to ensure that every square foot of space is wisely used in their workspaces.  This has led many of those businesses to either relocate or renovate.  In both cases, they can use recycled plastic moving boxes to make their transitions easier. Continue reading

Spring in Toronto Is a Great Time to Rent Plastic Moving Boxes!

The flowers are blooming, the air smells great and… wait, is that a fresh breeze of warm air?  Yes, it’s springtime in Toronto and it’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of this beautiful season!  It’s also the ideal time to rent plastic moving boxes.  Not only are they terrific for actual relocations, but they can be a huge help when you’re undergoing your spring cleaning. Continue reading

Blue Bins Offers Plastic Moving Boxes Perfect for Earth Day!

Each year, April 22nd is set aside as Earth Day.  For decades, it’s been a time of year when we reflect on the importance of the planet on which we live, and we encourage others to be good stewards of this “big blue marble” in the universe.  At Blue Bins, located in Toronto, environmentalism has always been at the forefront of their company mission and vision; it’s the driving force behind their plastic moving boxes. Continue reading

First Blue Bins Licensee Brings Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes to Montreal

Blue Bins Unlimited Corp.’s plastic moving boxes have become a mainstay across the Toronto area, as well as throughout Montreal.  However, Montreal didn’t have a storefront … until now.  Beginning March 1, 2014, Blue Bins Unlimited Corp. will have a brick-and-mortar Montreal location where consumers and businesses can pick up and drop off the plastic moving boxes they rent.  Continue reading

11 Great Reasons to Move to Toronto (and use plastic moving boxes!)

Are you looking into relocating your home in the next few months or year?  You’re not alone!  Most people move an average of about 10 times during their lives, according to a variety of sources.  So if 2014 is your year to try out a new neighborhood, community, city or even country, we recommend checking into Toronto!  As the capital city of the province of Ontario, there are tons of reasons to move to this great locale.  In fact, we can think of 11 terrific aspects of Toronto!  (In anticipation, put Blue Bins in your smart phone’s contacts list so you’re ready to order your plastic moving boxes when you’re ready.) Continue reading