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Good News for Wet Spring Moves: Montreal Rains Won’t Soak through Plastic Moving Containers

The rains are coming to Montreal in short order! As the snow begins to fade into the memory of yet another winter in the northern hemisphere, the skies will inevitably open up. While all that precipitation is fantastic for the environment, not to mention our lawns, gardens and flower beds, it can wreak havoc on a move. Having plastic moving containers on hand can be lifesavers. Continue reading

Blue Bins Attends CAM and Atlas conferences

In October 2013, Blue Bins will attend the CAM and Atlas Canada conferences.

Every Day is a Great Day to Move:  Blue Bins Celebrates at CAM and Atlas Conferences

For the team at Blue Bins, the Toronto-based company known for offering economical, practical and eco-conscious plastic moving containers to businesses, families and realtors throughout Canada, any day can be a terrific moving day.  To celebrate the moving  industry, as well as learn more about advances in the field of moving, Blue Bins is once again attending the Canadian Association of Movers’ (CAM) annual conference from October 4-6 and the Atlas Canada 50th Anniversary Convention from October 16-19. Continue reading