Taking Moving Boxes from Toronto to Vancouver at the Franchise Expo

When you’re passionate about your work, it shows. It also gets people excited. That was definitely the case at The Franchise Expo in 2017! Our Blue Bins representatives had the chance to talk to so many amazing and incredible entrepreneurs about licensing opportunities. From daybreak until evening (and beyond!), we chatted about plastic moving boxes, already being used by individuals, families, and companies from Toronto to Mississauga to Vancouver and tons of other places.

What have been some of the biggest inquiries we’ve gotten?

  1. What makes people want to use Blue Bins instead of traditional cardboard boxes?

We’ve discussed the phenomenon before on our blog, but it’s worth discussing again. There has been a social revolution around environmentally friendly products, solutions, and actions in Canada and the United States. Although the revolution is across all age groups, it’s especially near and dear to the hearts of Millennials. And Millennials are taking environmentalism to new levels. As they’re buying homes and opening offices (or relocating to workspaces), they’re putting their money towards eco-friendlier options. This includes plastic packing boxes that won’t clog up the landfills.

  1. Are the packing boxes really as strong as they say?

Absolutely! Many people are shocked when they discover how much weight a plastic Blue Bins packing box can hold. Of course, this doesn’t mean it should be filled to the brim every time. There’s definitely a point of maximum capacity. Still, it’s incredible to see how many personal treasures or corporate items can safely and securely go into Blue Bins.

  1. Won’t the boxes have to be tossed when they break down?

Actually, they won’t. We’ve come up with a proprietary system of soldering plastic. You can check out our YouTube channel to see how it works in action. This helps save tons of Blue Bins, allowing us to reuse them again and again.

  1. Will people balk at the idea of having to return plastic boxes?

Not at all. In fact, people love having the ability to know what they’re doing with their Toronto moving boxes post-move. Plus, busier folks and businesses appreciate the fact that all Blue Bins locations will not only drop off but also pick up Blue Bins with prior arrangements. This lessens the workload on people and companies.

  1. No tape? No staples? Seriously?

We’re totally serious when we say that you won’t need even one roll of masking tape, packing tape, plastic tape, or other sealing item. Blue Bins packing boxes have been designed to self-close. We do offer special ties for even greater security, but they aren’t necessary. This shortens the amount of time it takes to pack and unpack, and as we all know, time is money!

  1. How can licensees get involved in the Blue Bins movement?

This inquiry was definitely made over and over at The Franchise Expo! The easiest way to start the conversation is to give Blue Bins’ corporate office in the Toronto area a call. We’re actively seeking licensees across Canada, and are always thrilled to talk about our products and services. As we said at the beginning of this post, when you love what you do, you’re happy to talk about it all the time!

Have questions of your own about moving boxes in Toronto? Want to know more about Blue Bins? Give us a buzz and we’ll chat.