Taking Moving Digital: How the Internet Helps You Move IRL

While moving might seem like one of the more offline things that is happening in your life, there are a lot of ways that getting online can make moving easier. From ordering your moving boxes online to tracking your packing on your phone, the digital age of moving is making things easier for everyone. Here are a few things you can do online during your move.

Order Moving Boxes Online from Blue Bins

We can set you up with moving boxes right from our website. You can request a quote, get an estimate of how many boxes you might need, and order other supplies that you might need, like a dolly or bubble wrap. We can drop everything off to you and pick it up when you’re done.

Budget for Your Move with Mint

While ordering your moving boxes online allows you to have a clear idea of the costs, there are some things that may come up in the process of moving that can affect your budget. Keep track of all of your costs and expenses in Mint, and track how close to your budget you might be. You can adjust your budget categories, and get alerts right to your phone to make sure that you are staying on top of your finances.

Design Your Space with MagicPlan

Figure out where you want to put your furniture and what you might need to purchase, before you are start moving. MagicPlan lets you plan the layout of your new place right from your phone. Arrange your furniture and belongings before you pack your boxes, and save yourself from having to move things around when you unpack.

Catalogue and Sort Your Belongings with Sortly

Once you get to your destination, the last thing you want to do is be forced to go through a zillion boxes trying to find that one thing. Sortly takes the guesswork out about what is in each box by helping you create a visual catalogue of all of your things, and even print QR labels for your boxes. This means that you can scan a box with your phone and see exactly what’s inside without having to dump things out!

Meet Your Neighbours with NextDoor

Making friends and getting to know your neighbourhood happens in person, but NextDoor can help you get started! Connect with people, learn about events that are happening in your neighbourhood, and become a part of your new community. Maybe you’ll even find some friends who will help you unpack!

Moving might seem like the kind of thing that you need to handle the old-fashioned way, but there are lots of ways to digitize the process and make it a bit easier. Start off by ordering your moving boxes right from our website and start crossing things off your digital list!