Thinking Outside the Moving Box – Keeping Kids Safe and Happy During a Move to Montreal

Moving day can be filled with tons of excitement and distractions, but it’s important for parents to always remain cognizant of the safety and happiness of their children before, during and after the move. Montreal moms and dads have a responsibility for thinking outside the moving box and spending time planning for their kids’ wellbeing during all aspects of moving day. To help speed up the process of determining how to foster a fabulous moving day for everyone, including the younger set, we are offering a few safety tips.

Tip #1: Hire a babysitter

While it’s usually best to have children, especially very young ones, somewhere else on moving day, that isn’t always possible. Instead, hire a babysitter to entertain and watch any children while the move is taking place. This will keep the children occupied and ease parents’ concerns.

Tip #2: Don’t allow children to lift plastic boxes

Although it’s fine to have kids help pack their belongings (this can be psychologically good for them to transition to a new household more easily), don’t allow them to lift up plastic boxes. Little backs can strain just as well as adult backs can!

Tip #3: Keep children away from movers

Professional movers have a lot to think about during the day, and where little children are shouldn’t be among their worries. Children should be taught that they need to be out of rooms where movers are working.

Tip #4: Children should not get in moving vans

A moving van is a curiosity to a young child. If he or she gets inside, it is possible for him or her to get hurt. Make sure the moving van is off limits to any youngsters. Be firm about this, and do not relent even if the child cries. It’s better to have him or her safe!

Tip #5: Keep kids well-fed and hydrated

Don’t assume that kids will remember to eat on moving day without some reminders. They’re just as sidetracked by all the activity as you are! Keep snacks on hand and feed them regularly. This will also help them keep a steady flow of energy.

Tip #6: Don’t expect children to be well-behaved all day

Even the most angelic child can throw a temper tantrum on moving day. It’s busy, it’s hot and it’s frustrating. Plus, he or she can’t understand why the move is necessary! Be patient, even if that patience is very difficult. If a meltdown occurs, take the child to a calm place where he or she can unwind a bit.

Tip #7: Be understanding of some sadness

Sensitive kids will often cry on moving day. Even if you talk with them beforehand, and they seem to understand the move, they may break down. Comfort them and explain that the move will be wonderful when it is all over. That’s usually what they need to hear.

Tip #8: Do something fun to celebrate when the move is over

After the move is over, take your children out for some ice cream, or to run around in a park. This little bit of celebration is much more important than unpacking right away. The kids will love the treat, and it’ll probably do you some good, too!

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