Tiny Toronto Houses Call for Efficient Supplies, Boxes for Moving

The tiny house craze has hit the world, as anyone who loves home and garden television shows knows.  All it takes is a simple Google request for “tiny houses”, and you can find homes of all shapes and sizes from every part of the globe.  While your own Toronto-based tiny house might not look like a hobbit dwelling, or be an actual treehouse (yes, these both exist), a smaller footprint demands some unique moving solutions.  After all, your boxes and other moving supplies have to be able to fit through modest-sized doorways and dwellings with nontraditional floorplans.

How to Choose the Right Moving Products for a Tiny House Relocation

There are a few great ways to choose the best moving solutions when relocating to a so-called tiny house.  Some of the considerations to keep in mind include:

The Dimensions of Doorways and Hallways – It’s important that you don’t find yourself in the position of having to take your items out of your moving boxes out-of-doors because you can’t fit them in the entryway.  Though most tiny houses are going to used standard-sized doors, it isn’t always the case.  Plus, hallways and other thru-ways aren’t necessarily going to conform to unusual sizes.  Measure all the doorways, hallways, etc., in your tiny house and make sure your moving boxes are going to fit.  (This goes for furniture and appliances, too!)

The Stackability of Your Moving Boxes – Thought you might be tempted to get moving boxes and bins of all shapes and sizes for your relocation, you need to consider how valuable your space will be.  In a tiny house, there’s not much floor space for boxes, so whichever ones you use have to stack reliably.  Taking advantage of vertical space – safely – involves having moving boxes that are meant to accept the weight of other boxes, such as plastic moving bins.

The Ease of Moving Your Boxes – Have you ever tried to move only to find that you used a box that was way too large and crammed it full of heavy items?  This is a problem that you don’t need to deal with when you’re moving into your tiny Toronto abode.  Instead of having your box fall apart, collapse or strain your muscles, rent a style of moving box that can easily be transferred from space to space bodily or with a dollie.

One Word Before You Move to Your Tiny Dream Home…

A final note of caution before you move to your tiny dream home: No matter what type of moving boxes and supplies you choose, be prepared to donate, discard or sell things before the big day.  Tiny houses have tiny storage capabilities, so plan to move only what you truly need and treasure.  You’ll spend less time packing and unpacking, and more time beginning your life in your new, quaint quarters!

No matter what kind of home you’re moving to in Toronto, Blue Bins is ready to help you with moving supplies, boxes and solutions that will fit your needs!