Tips for Your Montreal Office Move

Whether your company is moving to a bigger space, a smaller space, or just a new location, here are some tips about Montreal commercial moving supplies to keep in mind.

Commercial moving can be a challenge. If you are moving your small business, it’s important to plan ahead and ensure that you have the right team and the right commercial moving supplies in Montreal to make your move as stress free as possible. 

Plan well in advance

Create a detailed timeline for your move, and ensure you’ve budgeted a little extra time for delays. Especially if your team is packing up their own supplies, you’ll want to allow for enough time that all tasks for the move can be completed without disrupting your day to day business functions.

Rent reusable moving boxes

Ordering cardboard boxes is not only costly, but it leaves you with a lot of waste to get rid of when you arrive at your new office. Instead, rent some Blue Bins moving boxes. Blue Bins also offers moving supplies such as a dolly and labels, to help you stay organized and move efficiently.

Label boxes clearly

This may sound very straight forward, but it’s often forgotten. Labelling boxes helps to ensure that your office supplies are easy to find when you arrive in your new space. It may also be helpful to organize the boxes based on items that you will need right up to the last possible date in your current office, and which items you will need right away in your new office space.

Check which items will require a change of address

Business cards, letterhead, address labels all have your company address on them. Take inventory of which of these stationary items will need to be replaced, and then have new stationary sent directly to your new office. Recycle any stationary with your old address on it before you transport heavy boxes of paper that you can’t use anymore.

Create an office layout, and deliver boxes based on that layout

Once you arrive at your new office, move your reusable boxes to the area that they need to be unpacked in. Ideally, your office furniture will already be in place based on this layout, so smaller items can be stored in the correct place right away. Using a dolly can make it easy to get boxes to the right location right away.

Keep your team informed

Moving can be stressful for staff members, so keep them informed about any changes to the timelines or expectations for their packing. Provide them with details about the new office layout once it is ready, and collect their feedback. If you are moving to a new neighbourhood, consider scouting out some of the new local places for lunch or coffee to help them move into their new neighbourhood.

Moving your office can be easier if you plan ahead, get the right supplies, and ensure that you can really relax once you settle in to your new space. Contact us now for a quote for your Montreal commercial moving supplies!