Toronto Empty Nesters Who Crave Simplicity of Downsizing Choose Convenient Moving Containers

The millions of Baby Boomers are now beginning to enter a fascinating era of their lives, often called “empty nest” years.  No longer playing host to their children, who are grown and perhaps developing families of their own, many Empty Nesters are yearning for simplicity, and therefore turn to downsizing.  As they recognize that they no longer need spacious Toronto homes with four or more bedrooms, they naturally turn their sights to residences that offer simpler floorplans and more modest square footage, not to mention far fewer maintenance responsibilities.  To help make their moves to their new, smaller homes as convenient as possible, they are also choosing to rent plastic moving containers rather than purchasing boxes made of questionable and/or unreliable materials.

Moving Containers for a Mature Generation

There are plenty of reasons for Baby Boomers to learn toward renting moving containers rather than hunting for mismatched moving boxes and supplies:

Time – Empty nesters have spent a lifetime doing things for others, and now it’s time for them to start focusing on their own needs.  This includes spending time doing what they want to do, not what they don’t want to do.  By renting boxes, they can shave off hours from their packing duties and be able to enjoy life a little more.

Convenience – What could be more convenient than having moving containers delivered right to your old home, and then picked up at your new one after you’ve unpacked?  This is the ultimate in being able to cut out unnecessary travel.  It also shaves down the “to do” list associated with relocating.

Cost-Effectiveness – Why bother to purchase moving boxes and supplies when you can simply rent moving containers?  You don’t have to break them down and store them, or find a place to recycle them.  You’ll save dollars because you don’t have to keep buying more and more items that you will only use one time.

Eco-Friendliness – Many people think that the Baby Boomer generation is less interested in environmental issues than Millennials or Gen Xers, but that’s not necessarily the case.  Many Boomers are living greener lifestyles throughout Toronto and the rest of Canada.  This leaves them open to choosing eco-friendlier moving solutions, such as plastic moving boxes made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Downsizing for Exciting Future Opportunities

There’s little doubt that for Empty Nesters who want to spend their moments engaged in fun activities rather than caring for too-large homes, downsizing can often be the perfect option.  Not only does it open the door to exciting opportunities, but it provides a tangible signal that a new page has been turned.

Are you considering to downsize from your current home?  Blue Bins has the perfect plastic moving containers for all your needs!  Just give us a call and we’ll help you determine which moving boxes and supplies will be ideal.