Toronto Homeowners – Pack Those Boxes for Moving Efficiently in Your Self-Rented Truck

Are you planning to make a move this year to or from Toronto? You might be considering renting a do-it-yourself truck or van. But are you sure how to properly pack it? Below are some of our favorite tips to help you pack furniture, other items and plastic Blue Bins boxes for moving efficiently.

Helpful Hints on Packing a Moving Truck

  1. Disassemble any furniture that comes apart.This usually includes tables, some chairs, beds and even desks. You may discover that more furniture in your house comes apart than you thought!
  2. Put the biggest items in the back of the truck.Although some people who are moving choose to ignore this hint, it’s a better bet because it means you will have room for everything. Nothing is worse than filling a truck and realizing that you have one or more pieces of large furniture left!
  3. Use plastic moving boxes that fit together perfectly.Try not to mix-and-match different sizes of boxes. Instead, rent plastic moving boxes that will stack neatly. Not only will you be able to stack them high, but they won’t be likely to tip over.
  4. Try to distribute your items’ weights evenly in the back of the truck. In other words, don’t put heavy items all on one side, as it could affect the working of the truck.
  5. Don’t pack up items that are highly breakable. Drive these to your location if you can, as they are less likely to end up cracked or damaged. If this isn’t a possibility, pad them well and don’t overpack.
  6. Pack sofas, couches and loveseats on end. They will take up far less room in the truck.
  7. Get a truck that’s the right size. Finally, it’s essential to get a moving truck that’s the right size for your items. If you aren’t sure which size you need, ask a professional for help, such as the customer service reps at Blue Bins.

Have fun with your move, and remember to take plenty of breaks, drink water and keep your stress levels to a minimum throughout this process.

Want to make sure your Toronto move goes smoothly? Rent moving boxes and supplies today from Blue Bins!