Toronto Moving Trends: Beyond Boxes and Moving Supplies

Every person who embarks on a move, whether residential or corporate, realizes that boxes and moving supplies are essential elements to have. However, there are some new (and re-emerging) trends sweeping Toronto that are changing the way people and businesses relocate.

Plastic Is Winning Over Cardboard for the Environmentally Conscientious

Individuals and company owners who consider themselves environmentally conscientious are having a big problem accepting the idea that they must use cardboard boxes for moving. Thus, they have begun to rent plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies instead of purchasing or finding cardboard moving boxes. Not only do they feel better about not worrying about dumping cardboard in the garbage after the move is over, but they speed up their moving time because plastic boxes like those from Blue Bins don’t have to be fastened with duct tape or staples.

Donating Unwanted Items Is the Name of the Game

Thanks to more interest in using a move as an opportunity to give away unwanted items, rather than just pack them up and move them to the new location, contributions from moving individuals are making their way to recipients in homeless shelters, women’s shelters, religious institutions and other charitable organizations. This is great for the Toronto economy, as it spreads the proverbial wealth. It’s also amazing for society as a whole as we help each other. A bonus is that homeowners aren’t throwing away things that could be valuable to others.

Downsizing Is Considered En Vogue

Have you heard about the movement toward “little” houses? While not everyone who is moving in Toronto is scaling down to the extreme in terms of home or office square footage, many people are embracing a downsized lifestyle. This trend bodes well for apartment sellers and landlords looking to woo buyers and renters to enjoy the downtown Toronto life, even if their apartments aren’t extraordinarily spacious. There’s something to be said for old-world charm in lieu of huge closets!

DIY Isn’t Always the Preferred Way to Go

The do-it-yourself movement has swept the country in numerous ways, but there are still tons of homeowners and business owners who wouldn’t dream of handling a move without the help of a professional moving company. For some, it comes down to time; a moving company is just more efficient. For others, it’s necessary; when you don’t have a lot of friends who are willing to move furniture and plastic moving boxes all day, it makes sense to hire someone who can! Don’t worry – there will always be lots of other DIY projects, especially at your new home or corporate space!

As the summer continues to heat up across southern Ontario, no doubt the moving trends will follow suit. It’s tremendously interesting to watch the changes in the way people think about relocating, and the places to which they go to live and work.

Want help with your next summer move? Time is of the essence! Order your rented plastic moving boxes and moving supplies today from Blue Bins.