Toronto Residents: It’s Not Too Early to Reserve Your Boxes for Moving

Are you planning to move in the next couple of months?  Is your Toronto house up for sale?  Even if you haven’t purchased your next home yet, it’s not too early to reserve your plastic boxes for moving.  That’s surprising to a lot of people, but in the moving industry, it’s always good to be pragmatic.

Why Reserving Boxes for Moving Now Makes Sense

Wondering why you need those boxes for moving when you haven’t started to pack yet, or even give away the items you won’t need to take when you relocate?  There are several good reasons:

  • If you’re eco-conscious and frugal and want all the benefits of recyclable plastic moving boxes and bins, it’s important to reserve a certain number as soon as you can. Other families will be doing the same thing, and it will ensure you can get the dates you want.
  • You have a lot of options in terms of when you want to pick up your moving boxes, or have them delivered to your door. You won’t be forced to figure out the timing when it’s at the eleventh hour.
  • You’ll have one more “to do” item on your moving checklist all finished. Never underestimate the power of planning!  If you’re a procrastinator by nature, you’ll love the relief that comes with knowing something is taken care of, and not waiting to be done.

Even if you don’t have a set moving date, that’s okay.  You can still reserve your boxes, bins, dollies and more.  After all, you likely have a good idea within a week or two of when you want to make your move!

Spring… and Moving… Will Be Here Before You Know It!

Though the cold weather may seem like it’s going to stick around forever, it won’t.  Toronto will start to give everyone “spring fever” in a couple of months, and that means you’ll be closer to your moving day.  Make sure you’re set for the move by doing what you can today.

Interested in finding out how many Blue Bins you’ll need for an upcoming move?  Contact Blue Bins today and speak with a customer service representative.

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