Toronto’s Condo Boom Necessitates Simple Plastic Moving Boxes Options

There’s been a condo boom in the Toronto real estate market, and you know what that means: Individuals and families are getting ready to make big moves this summer!  Whether they are first-time buyers (congrats!), renters, downsizers, up-sizers or anything in-between, they will find deals across the city and suburbs.  As the Toronto Star reported not long ago, Toronto is busting at the seams in terms of condo buying; in fact, the Ontario capital is beating out Chicago, San Francisco and yes, even Manhattan, in its upswing of residential housing units.  This is not only great economic news, but also a good reason for anyone planning to take advantage of this opportunity to begin booking their plastic moving boxes rentals.

By planning ahead and renting moving boxes made of recycled plastic from leaders in the industry such as Canada’s own Blue Bins, people looking forward to relocating to one of the more than 55,000 new condo units that the city now boasts will have one less thing to worry about.  Moving is stressful enough without adding in the anxiety of determining where to get packing materials for belongings such as books, dishes, clothing and other personal paraphernalia.  By turning to plastic moving boxes as a viable moving solution, buyers and renters of condos can more easily transport their goods from one location to another.  Best of all, they don’t even have to waste any time picking up or dropping off the boxes; as Blue Bins’ website clearly notes, pick-up and drop-off can be arranged.

Those who are considering purchasing one – or more – of Toronto’s condos as an investment property may also be interested in encouraging their renters to use plastic moving boxes.  Because the boxes are sturdier (not to mention not likely to contain the bugs that cardboard boxes attract by the hundreds) than the traditional cardboard variety, spills are and messiness during moves are less apt to occur.  This means the condo will stay cleaner, which means a landlord needs to spend fewer dollars in maintenance.  This is a terrific advantage, as the average monthly rent of a Toronto condo can be as high as $500 per square foot; in other words, it’s possible for investors to score on condo deals!

A condo boom is a sign of a healthy city, which describes Toronto to a “T”.  A healthy move starts with the right kind of moving boxes: plastic.  When you merge those two points, it’s a winning combination for everyone.

Blue Bins offers regular deals for first-time customers!  Check out their website today to discover plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies perfect for any condo move.

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