Transitioning to a Significantly Different Sized Montreal Home? Plastic Moving Containers Can Help!

For many people who are moving to a new home in Montreal, the move involves a substantial change.  They may be upsizing their lifestyles, or downsizing their square footage.  Either way, it’s important to get the right plastic moving containers and other moving supplies to get the job done as practically and easily as possible.

Why People’s Home-to-Home Moves Aren’t Always Lateral

Have you noticed that it’s commonplace for people to move to homes that are much smaller or larger than their old spaces?  There are numerous reasons for this.  First is the issue of a change in the family.  This could mean the birth or a child, a marriage between individuals with young children, or the last child moving out of the house.  Another reason could be a change in the amount of income that is flowing into the household, as in the case of a promotion.  Yet another factor could be the desire to live a more modest, conservative lifestyle.

No matter the underlying cause for the change, it’s essential that moving people and families figure out ways to transition wisely.  Below are some of our best tips:

  1. Sell items if you’re planning to downsize. You’ll get money for them, and even if it’s only a small amount, it’s more than you would have otherwise.
  2. Get enough plastic moving containers to move all your items you’re keeping. Remember that when you rent plastic moving boxes and bins from Blue Bins, you’ll want to keep in mind how many bedrooms and other rooms you’re moving.  However, if you have four bedrooms at your current house, and you’re selling all the items in your fourth bedroom, you should think about getting boxes for three bedrooms instead.
  3. Measure the rooms in your new home. This is important, because you want to make sure that your items fit.  If you’re moving to a bigger Montreal home, you will need to buy furnishings and décor if your current pieces aren’t enough for the spaces.

Remember that there’s nothing wrong with moving to a Montreal house or apartment that’s a different size than the one you have now.  As long as you love where you’re going, and you make plans to take the items you need with you, you’ll be planting yourself firmly in a wonderful new surrounding!

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