‘Twas the Night Before Moving – A Moving Box Inspired Poem for Mississauga Residents

It’s amazing – so many people have relocated over the years, but there don’t seem to be any odes written about the process!  That’s why we decided to take a little time away from moving box customer service and delivery and pen our own poem that’s inspired by “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.”  While it’s probably not going to be a smash hit, we’re pretty happy with the results!

‘Twas the night before moving

To a Mississauga house.

All the family was giddy

Down to their pet mouse.

A moving box sat

In the corner of each room,

Some were stacked high

Like protectors that loom.

The family lay in their beds

On that long, sleepless night…

And dreamed of their futures

While bathed in moonlight.

Dad pictured the way

He would transform the shed

Outside of their new home –

Thoughts swam in his head!

Mom tried not to laugh

As she pictured with ease

The lovely bay window

That looked out on the trees.

The boy couldn’t rest –

He would now be alone!

How long had he wanted

A room of his own?

The girl thought of colors

She wanted for walls.

Should she paint all straight lines?

Or try circles and balls?

The faithful dog joined

In the thinking as well…

He wanted to test out

The neighborhood’s smell!

Yes, this was their evening

Before their farewells

To their old home, now too small

Since their family had swelled!

They were ready for changes…

There was thrill in the air…

They were starting anew,

Moving their lair.

To all of the people

Who feel like they do

May all of your moves

Be exciting for you.

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