Uniform-Size Boxes for Moving Make Shifting Remote Warehouse Inventory Easier for Toronto Businesses

Any sized business can have inventory that is located offsite.  For instance, smaller companies that manufacture just-in-time (JIT) client solutions, a rented one-room storage unit may suffice.  On the other hand, a large Toronto corporation may own an enormous several-story warehouse down the street – or across the city – that is filled with items that need to be stored, itemized, moved and shipped.  Either type of organization can benefit from uniform-size boxes for moving when it becomes necessary to move large quantities of products or materials.

Situations That Require Unusual Movement of Warehouse Items

There are several situations that may require the need for warehouse inventory to be moved from its current location to another.  Some of these include:

  1. A massive inventory is being taken of all items. This requires moving the items systematically and documenting them.  Storage of those items temporarily may be needed during this period.
  2. A relocation of warehousing may be happening. For example, a company may be in need of more warehousing space.  Thus, all its inventory has to be moved from the current warehouse to another storage facility.
  3. Seasonal needs may make a sudden shift in inventory necessary. This can also happen if a retailer’s products suddenly “take off” and become popular among consumers.  Rapid shifting of warehouse products and materials is not unheard of in this type of circumstance.

Of course, there are other situations that may occur and require boxes for moving very suddenly.  In these cases, it is important for the company to rent boxes that are uniform in size for ease of moving, speed of moving and safety of materials.

How to Order Boxes for Moving for Warehouse Inventory Items

One of the simplest ways to order boxes for moving for warehouse inventory items is to call a place like Toronto-based Blue Bins, a leading provider of recyclable plastic storage bins.  These bins are designed to fit neatly on top of one another, and are sturdier in comparison to similarly-sized cardboard box models.  They also require no taping or bending of the top to secure what’s inside the box.

Plastic boxes for moving can be ordered online or through a phone call to the company, and in the case of Blue Bins, can be delivered to your warehouse site for simplicity of packing and moving.  After the inventory is relocated, the same boxes for moving can be then picked up, eliminating the need to dispose of them.

If a company in Toronto has to undergo a warehouse inventory move, it’s a relief to know that there is a straightforward, streamlined and safe way to get it done.

Want to know more about Blue Bins moving boxes and bins?  Call us today for more information on our products, or visit our site to place an order to rent boxes and supplies for moving online!