Why Universities Choose Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

Move-in day at Universities around Ontario means one thing: Activity!  While this activity can look chaotic to the untrained eye, University officials have become savvy when it comes to maintaining order amidst all the movement.  One method many of them use is to offer incoming students the opportunity to use plastic moving boxes from Toronto based Blue Bins.  The University provides these moving supplies at no extra charge, and makes a great impression in the process. Here’s how:

1. Plastic moving bins are environmentally friendly.

Blue Bins plastic moving bins are not only made from recyclable plastic, but they can be recycled after they have exceeded their usefulness.  This makes a huge statement to both University students and their families about how the University takes stewardship of natural resources seriously.

2. Plastic moving boxes are sturdy, as well as uniform in size.

Rather than having to deal with cardboard boxes of varying sizes that easily fall apart, students and those helping them move into their dorms can more easily work with plastic Blue Bins.  After all, Blue Bins have been manufactured to have dimensions that make them more convenient to carry and stack.

3. Plastic moving bins are inherently clean.

Because Blue Bins sanitizes its boxes, Universities can be assured that no unwelcome “tag-a-longs” are getting into the dorm rooms.  These can be anything from allergens to bugs (which love to feast on cardboard and may not be visible.)  Thus, plastic moving boxes keep the rooms cleaner.

4. Plastic moving boxes can be folded up and removed.

It takes very little time to fold up a Blue Bins plastic moving box, as opposed to how a cardboard box has to be broken down.   Plus, Blue Bins will come to the campus and pick up the plastic bins.  Therefore, there is no refuse to worry about.

If your University is offering plastic moving boxes in Toronto, take advantage of the opportunity to make your first day on University soil much less stressful!  Of course, if your University isn’t offering Blue Bins, you can rent some yourself online through their convenient site.  Either way, you’ll be ready for classes in no time at all!

Blue Bins believes that every move can be easier and more environmentally-friendly, including moves from home to University dorms.  Check out their website for details and offers that are perfect for all your back-to-school needs.