Use Plastic Moving Boxes to Move Your Home Office Across Toronto

Moving your home office can seem like a real chore. There might be a mix of heavy things like paper files, and a lot of little things like paper clips or the important notes you have stuck on the wall. Even if you work mostly digitally, you don’t want to leave any of the things that make your home office work behind. Make sure you follow these steps to make sure your home office move goes smoothly.

Get Your Internet Set Up

Don’t waste time in your new home office on the phone with an internet provider. Make arrangements to have the internet set up as soon as you can! If you can’t have it installed as soon as you move in, make sure you find the nearest cafe, library, or co-working space where you can set up and get work done for a couple of days.

Order Computer Screen Protectors

If you’re one of the people who has multiple monitors on their desk, you don’t want to have that break in the moving process. Blue Bins offers computer LCD/flatscreen protectors, that fits up to a 19 inch screen, to make sure your monitors arrive safely to your new home office.

Label, Label, Label

Don’t underestimate the power of labels. You might think that you’ll remember where you put your stapler or the external hard drive that holds all of your back up design files, but moving is stressful and sometimes things slip your mind. If you are putting smaller containers inside your plastic moving boxes in Toronto, label what’s in them, and then label the outside of the box too. We’ll even provide labels for your bins!

Take This Opportunity to do Some Shredding

If you’ve been hoarding documents that you don’t need, especially those that you’ve already digitized, moving is a great time to get rid of them. If privacy is a concern, you can shred them yourself or contact a shredding company who can take care of that for you. Save your back and don’t move heavy boxes of documents that you don’t need.

Don’t Move Things that Don’t Work

Old pens, empty ink cartridges, broken or outdated electronics… if you have a junk drawer in your office, don’t move any of the things in there that you don’t actually need. Take this time to toss, recycle, or donate anything that isn’t working or that you don’t use.

Upgrade Your Office Furniture

Along the same lines as emptying out your junk drawer, moving can be a good time to get a new desk chair or some upgraded storage for files or books. Make sure to measure the new office space so that any new (or old) furniture fits comfortably.

Moving your home office doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Make sure you have the right supplies, and use this opportunity to get your office organized and streamlined. Contact us today or order your plastic moving boxes and other moving supplies for your Toronto home office and the rest of your house!