Using Reusable Moving Boxes for Your Vancouver Office Relocation!

No matter where you are relocating to in Greater Vancouver, it’s going to be a big task, especially if you have a large office. It can mean organizing hundreds of monitors, keyboards, chairs, and paper documents. If part of your relocation will be done in stages, you also need to be able to confidently store some of these assets at various stages of the move. Reusable moving boxes in Vancouver allow you to scale your move and feel confident that your boxed items remain safe, without going over budget or creating unnecessary waste. You will want boxes that are sturdy, waterproof, and perhaps have security options for those confidential items.

Pack and Store Electronics

Your tech supplies tend to be some of the most expensive assets company invests in and having to replace them due to damage in a move can eat into your IT budget quickly. We offer a range of reusable moving boxes and supplies to prevent damage and make moving easier in Vancouver. Screen dollies prevent large screens or televisions from being dropped as they are being moved. Our durable plastic bins also keep dust, dirt, and water away from smaller items like hard drives, keyboards, or conference pods.

Large Quantities of All Supplies

No matter how many items your move requires, we have enough moving supplies to take care of it for you! We have a variety of options, allowing you to order a mix or carts, dollies, and bins to make sure that you can get all of your supplies in one place. Our large inventory also means that it’s not a problem if you need to store some or all of your office supplies while you are relocating.

Easily Pack and Unpack Documents and Books

If you have a lot of paper files or large reference books, it can be difficult to get them packed and moved out effectively and easily. Our file carts and terminal carts allow you to bring a large number of documents to several offices without making multiple trips. File carts have shelves on both sides making it easier to sort and organize groups of documents, while terminal carts can hold boxes easily with adjustable shelves to accommodate oversized materials. They can also support 1000lbs, meaning they can easily manage your materials. All of our carts roll on industrial grade, non-marking casters, so you don’t have to worry about them getting stuck or damaging your floors.

Easy to Access

Our warehouse is located on Annacis Island, so we’re centrally located and easy to access whether you’re coming from Downtown Vancouver, Surrey Centre, or any of the other major business centre in the Greater Vancouver. This also makes it easy to pick up extra supplies if you find yourself in need of a few extra moving boxes.  Of course we, deliver as well; we want to make this part of your move as easy as possible!

Relocating an office presents a lot of challenges and can require a significant amount of planning. We’re here to make it easy to source reusable moving boxes in Vancouver and other moving supplies from a single source, without compromising on quality or cost. Please contact us today to discuss how we can support you in relocating to or within Greater Vancouver.