Ways for Toronto Companies to Save Money on Boxes and Moving Supplies

Whether your company is moving across Toronto, or you’re simply renovating most or all of your office spaces, you’re going to need boxes and moving supplies. However, that doesn’t mean you have to drive yourself crazy every time you look at your financials! There are many ways to save money on items that you’ll need for your move or renovation project; you just have to plan for success.

Below are some methods that organizations like yours have made certain they didn’t overspend on boxes and moving supplies:

  • Buy your supplies ahead of time and in bulk. It’s not a matter of quantity versus quality; it’s a matter of quantity… period. Do you need labels for your move? Buy as many as you require at wholesale prices. Shop around and look for deals well in advance of your move. If you know you can use the labels later, and you have the room to store them, you may want to just buy as many as you’ll need during and in the months after the move.
  • Rent plastic boxes and moving supplies. Do you really want to pay your employees to set up and break down cardboard boxes? Of course not! Spend your money in wiser places, and rent plastic boxes and moving supplies like dollies and open bins. You can literally shave dozens of hours off your move. An added bonus is when you rent from Blue Bins, you can have the boxes and moving supplies delivered right to your office door, and then picked up again after your move.
  • Hire a professional moving team. Want speed, efficiency and safety? Don’t go the do-it-yourself route! Hire a professional moving team who will understand how to securely and efficiently stack furniture, boxes and moving supplies in the moving van. Your employees shouldn’t be forced to do this; instead, they can be making money for the company from a remote location when the move takes place!
  • Make use of office desk drawers. You don’t necessarily always have to remove the contents of removable office desk drawers for a move. Many places like to securely cover the desk drawers and then move them with their contents still intact. This saves money and time.
  • Move filing cabinets with the files still inside, if possible. Some professional movers will have the equipment to do this. Again, it will save you the trouble of removing all your files and keeping them in order.

The goal of any Toronto company should be keeping relocation and renovation costs low without sacrificing quality. Call Blue Bins to start the process for your organization!