What is a Blue Bins Moving Box?

Learn the secrets about Blue Bins’ moving boxes rented in Toronto, Montreal and other Canadian cities!

You may have seen them at a friend’s house when you were helping them move from one Canadian residence to another: blue plastic bins that could be filled to the brim, and which never required packing tape or the agony of a long “tear down” process.  Perhaps you were curious about them; if so, you aren’t the only one. 

Many consumers across Canada (especially those from the Toronto, Montreal and Mississauga areas) have shown a huge interest in learning more about Blue Bins’ eco-friendly plastic moving containers.  Therefore, we’ve put together a quick fact sheet filled with the three of the most talked-about items regarding our patented plastic bins.

Fact #1:  Blue Bins moving boxes are recycled, restorable and recyclable.

People are shocked (and pleased) to hear that our plastic moving bins aren’t just created from recycled material… they can be recycled, too.  Our moving boxes can also be repaired using a specialized “plastic welding” process if they are repairable.  This means they never will clutter up Canada’s landfills like so many other plastic products.

Fact #2:  Blue Bins has been in the business of providing eco-friendly moving options for more than 20 years.

When our owners started manufacturing environmentally-conscious moving boxes, the world movement toward “going green” was in its infancy.  A generation later, being eco-conscientious has become a way of life. We like to say that we helped residential customers “see the light” and choose the most responsible moving containers they could.

Fact #3:  Blue Bins’ moving boxes are economical so nearly every family can select a package that’s right for their needs.

Families are typically delighted when they look at Blue Bins’ price structures, because they never realized an eco-friendly moving box option could be so affordable.  Our reasonable price plans are designed to keep budgets in mind.  After all, we believe in being financially conscientious, too!

The next time you’re planning  a move across town or across Canada, we invite you to give Blue Bins a chance.  We’re certain that as soon as you experience the ease that a Blue Bins move offers, you’ll never go back to begging friends and businesses for moving boxes again!

Visit Blue Bins’ site at www.BlueBins.com for more information and great promotions.

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