When Disaster Recovery Efforts are Needed, Plastic Moving Boxes Offer Safe, Clean Storage

Disasters happen, and they cannot always be foreseen.  Floods can come at any time.  Ice storms can knock out power and set the stage for frozen pipes.  Fires sweep through properties and leave items destroyed.

For families and companies that have to deal with a disaster, one of the most important questions is how to safely store things that have not been damaged.  This is where plastic moving containers, such as those from Toronto based Blue Bins, come into play.

Plastic moving containers are secure options for numerous reasons:

  • They can be rented for as long as they are needed by the family or business that has been the victim of a disaster.
  • They can be cleaned if necessary, and resist any kind of water damage or spills.
  • They are resistant and durable.
  • They can be neatly stacked in a climate-controlled storage facility or space until the contents are needed.
  • They require no tape to fasten them shut, and set-up takes mere seconds.  (In disaster recovery situations, seconds can often count.)
  • They are affordable and tough.
  • They can be used to store objects that are sturdy, as well as those that are fragile.
  • They can be delivered, or they can be picked up.  (This provides alternatives for users.)

Disasters and accidents will always be a part of life.  With plastic moving containers, their impact can be minimized.



–          The majority of small to mid-sized businesses have no disaster plan in place.

–          An estimated 50 percent of families would be devastated by a disaster.

–          Natural disasters tend to affect more companies than do man-made disasters.

–          Families are encouraged to talk about what they would do in the face of a disaster, such as a powerful windstorm or a hurricane.

–          Important documents should always be kept in a fire and flood proof safe.

–          Because computers can be damaged quickly by fire, smoke or flood, it’s important to have backup copies of all data stored offsite.

–          Items that have been saturated with water should be dried before they are packed away for storage.  Otherwise, they could become even more damaged.

–          Take photos before cleaning a disaster (if it is safe to do so) for insurance policy purposes.

To rent recyclable moving boxes from Blue Bins for disaster recovery purposes, or for general residence or office moves, please contact their offices. 

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