Why Licensees Love Renting Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

We have had the great fortune to see Blue Bins spread from our home base in Toronto to other parts of Canada. Our licensee tell us that they appreciate being able to buy and rent out our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes, amongst many other reasons. We appreciate the feedback, and wanted to share their experience with our readers.

Our licensee likes being part of a truly environmental company

Many companies give lip service to being good stewards of the environment, but have little proof to back up their claims. We’re different. All of our plastic moving boxes are made from virgin plastic, keeping it strong and sturdy. The only time we recycle our bins is when we do in-house welding to repair it.

Our licensee thinks it’s great that a broken Blue Bin can be repaired

You may not have realized this, but when a broken Blue Bin comes into our business, we don’t simply toss it into the trash. We don’t tear it apart and melt it down, either. Whenever possible, we use a special method called plastic welding (fusion) to repair broken bins. This technique helps us seal up any cracks, turning an unusable Blue Bin container into a usable one in a few minutes!

Not only does our process work wonders, but it lasts for a long time. In this video featuring our founder, Joe Lopes, you can see that over the years, one of our containers’ repairs held up despite wear and tear in other areas. Because we can keep our containers for years before we need to retire them, we don’t need to purchase new plastic moving boxes that often, or use up natural resources to have new ones created. It’s important to us to reduce our ecological footprint!

Blue Bins plastic moving boxes in Toronto can provide a significant ROI

Licensees who purchase a Blue Bins container today may get more ROI from the container than they could have imagined. For instance, it’s possible for a container that was first put into use in 1993 when we launched our company, to still be in use today. Our accounting team did a little math and discovered that if you spent $15 on that bin, you would have gotten back about $897. That’s an ROI of $5,980%. Not bad for an investment!

After making the initial inventory investment of Blue Bins as a licensee, you can then turn your sights on making a name for yourself in the community.  

Interested in learning more about renting out plastic moving boxes in Toronto? We’re actively seeking motivated entrepreneurs in several locations, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Peterborough, Cambridge, Belleville, Kingston, Barrie, and London Ontario.

Why not join us in our eco-conscientious work and Go Green With Blue for the benefit of your community?