Why Mississauga Corporations Are Choosing Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies

Eco-conscientiousness has crept into all areas of our lives, from home to work.  No wonder so many Mississauga corporations are adopting eco-friendlier processes.  For instance, it’s commonplace now for businesses to make recycling the norm.  Additionally, many focus on the conservation of everything from water to space to energy.  The goal is to become a better steward of natural resources, and the number of organizations that take this goal seriously are growing.  Even when offices are relocating, their leaders are turning to green solutions like moving supplies made of recyclable plastic.  In essence, being eco-conscious has become the status quo, not an afterthought.

Making Corporate Office Moves Green

As mentioned, moving supplies are often an area where a Mississauga business can make wise, healthier options.  In fact, there are plenty of green ways to turn what could be a messy, destructive relocation into one that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint.  Some of the solutions include:

  • Choosing reusable plastic moving boxes, dollies, carts and more. These supplies can be used to successfully transport items from the old location to the new location.  Afterwards, they can be easily stacked on top of each other and given back to the rental company.  The rental company sanitizes them and uses them again.  It’s a clean transport method that’s also secure, safe and reliable.
  • Moving away from throwing things in the trash bin. In bygone eras, it wasn’t unusual for companies to try to sell some of the equipment they were going to leave behind, and just trash anything they couldn’t unload.  This left landfills overflowing with furniture such as desks, chairs and tables, not to mention artwork, flooring, cubicle walls and more.  Today’s Mississauga organizations are trying to find ways to either make sure everything that can be used IS used, even if it’s donated.  Many small businesses and upstarts would be happy to have hand-me-downs, and that keeps the furnishings from languishing in a junk pile.
  • Appropriately recycling all electronics. Not only is this a smart practice, but it’s actually something that’s expected in today’s environment.  Computers, telephones, mobile devices, television screens and the like have to be properly disposed.  That way, they can be disassembled and their parts used in the future rather than simply lost.
  • Cleaning with environmentally safe products. There are numerous cleaners on the market today that are just better for everyone from an environmental standpoint.  They get floors, surfaces and fabrics spotless without pushing harsh chemicals or fumes into the air.  Without all those toxins, furnishings and office spaces look better and smell better over the long haul.  Plus, employees with allergies tend to appreciate the natural cleansing solutions.
  • Choosing alternative energy sources. For Mississauga companies that really want to go to the next level and save money AND the environment, alternative energy sources are an investment that can pay off.  One of the biggest ones that’s seen again and again is the use of solar panels.  By harnessing the power of the sun, the company can improve its corporate goal of relying as much as possible on renewable energy.

As we move into 2016, there’s little doubt that more businesses throughout all of Ontario will begin to jump on the eco-conscientious bandwagon.  That will be a boon for everyone, employees and consumers alike.

Is your office planning a move in 2016?  Contact Blue Bins to discuss moving supplies like boxes, bins, carts and more.

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