Moving Your Library in Vancouver? Rental Boxes Make This Easy!

Whether you’re moving a large personal collection of books, an office collection of reference books, a school library, or a public library collection, we are here to help. Moving books presents some unique challenges; you are moving items that are heavy, susceptible to damage, and require organization by a system that includes size, author, topic etc. Whether you’re moving to a new location or just temporarily storing your collection during a renovation, we’ve got some suggestions to make this big project a little easier. Hopefully that leaves you with a little more time to read!

Plan, Plan, Plan

This is the time to make use of all of those amazing organizational skills. You’ll need to keep track of a number of different elements of the move. What furniture and shelving will be moving with you? What do you need to add or replace? Do you need to pack the whole collection to relocate or just part of it during a renovation? Make sure that you have taken time to answer the big questions, and the little ones. You’ll likely want to make a number of planning documents, including one that outlines the required moving supplies. You’ll also want an estimated timeline so that you know what you are moving and when.

Get the Right Supplies

You want to make sure that you have everything that you need to move your collection without damaging anything. One of the benefits of renting moving boxes in Vancouver from Blue Bins is that our plastic bins are sturdy and keep your books safe from dust, dirt, and water. They are also one standard size so it is easy to stack, move, and make efficient use of available space. We also offer file carts that allow you to move books in shelved order, and roll them on industrial grade casters to a another location in your building. These carts have more capacity than a library cart, so you can move more of your collection at once, making them a great option if you need to access the books while you renovate or move.

Take Care of Your Tech

Whether you have desktop computers, giant VR Monitors, or anything in between, tech is a huge part of making sure that libraries run smoothly. Don’t risk damage to these assets! Make sure you order screen dollies and terminal carts for larger items and plastic rental moving boxes for smaller accessories to ensure nothing gets wet or broken in transit. This is an especially good idea if you are packing for a renovation, because that can be really dusty!

Moving a library collection, no matter the size, is a big project. Whether you are packing up materials to store them temporarily or moving them to a whole new location in Vancouver, make sure that you put moving box rentals on your to do list. You can also check out the resources from the American Library Association for other tips and tricks to make this process go smoothly. We’re here whenever you’re ready to make a move, so contact us today to order your moving boxes and then get back to the books!